The finest pedestals and vitrines hand crafted for discerning collectors

Callahan art & Associates has been making fine art pedestals and mounts for over 25 years. We take great pride and care in designing and fabricating the proper pedestal and/or mount for each object’s ideal presentation. In addition to our fine pedestals and mounts we also offer vitrines in glass or various plexi glass options like standard, OP-3 and Optium. We have also designed and fabricated pedestals with internal water pumps for fountains, fans with directional ductwork for kinetic sculptures (George Ricky, artist), and recessed ball-bearing turn tables for large bronze sculptures. Another important product line is the earthquake mitigating pedestals and mounts. These incorporate different approaches from wave-front annihilation to invisible floor locking devices. These have proven useful even in protecting the valuable art from overly playful pets!


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