The safest place to store your art: short-term or long-term fine art storage

Callahan art & Associates offers highly secure, climate controlled, ultra-hygienic storage for fine art objects. Our art vault is located in a solid concrete building with a fireproof rating of ISO 6 – the highest possible rating set by national agencies. Its state-of-the-art features include:

°    Climate controlled at a constant 70ºF and 50% humidity.
°    26,000 cubic feet of climate controlled storage.
°    20,000 square feet of climate controlled flat file storage.
 °    10’ x 10’ stainless steel & aircraft aluminum vault doors. The triple redundancy locking doors, equipped with eleven ¾” dead bolts with digitally actuated locking pins.
°    A three-tier alarm system – central station, in-house and remote access.
•    24/7, 365 redundant video surveillance ensures that in the event that one video system is compromised another independent system takes over.  
°    An uninterruptible three-tier emergency electrical backup system.
°    Situated 625 feet above sea level.

We’re proud to say that 85% of our energy is green energy and that no other storage facility in Chicago matches the security and quality of the Callahan art & Associates Art Vault. To request more information, visit our Contact page.


You also can call us at 773-278-1111 or 773-533-1111