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You’ve assembled a collection. Now how do you look after it?

At Callahan art & Associates, we take pride in debunking the myth that maintenance is a burden. Our Certified Art Handlers start taking the right steps straight from the beginning to make your experience simple and painless, leaving you worry-free that your art collection will ever suffer any unexpected hits.

An essential aspect of Collection Maintenance is maintaining a loss prevention plan. This should include ongoing maintenance services of the objects to protect them from deteriorating and constant monitoring so that damage or harmful conditions can be remedied quickly before significant damage to the artwork can occur. We believe in Ben Franklin’s saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” which is why we go beyond any typical collection management service to maintain a thorough value loss-prevention plan with our clients. This means that not only do we perform administrative tasks like cataloguing, appraising and photographic documentation, but we also provide regular on-site examination and condition evaluations so that any damage or deterioration can quickly be remedied.

We are trained in all types of media and materials, including painting, sculpture, tapestry, works on paper, electronic media and computer/interactive art because we know that when you value something, you take pride in maintaining it – and we want to help.
Callahan art & Associates provides Collection Maintenance Services to municipalities, corporations and private collectors whose investment in their artworks require a regular and scheduled monitoring. When a company or individual spends the time and money in creating an art collection, it is good sense to maintain that collection.

Damage to, or slow deterioration over time, of a work of art will render its value adversely.

We offer different level plans from monthly assessment and cleaning of all the objects in your collection to less frequent visits. Our standard service includes:

• Service reports
• Condition reports with suggested treatments
• Surface dusting and cleaning
• Deep cleaning
• Certified appraisals
• Inventory and cataloging
• Online access to all information about the collection
• Restoration
• Relocation of artworks
• Storage


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